Jan 23, 2009

The Buy Local Challenge has been launched!

The Buy Local Challenge is an invitation to individuals to spend twelve months building knowledge, skills, healthy habits, and enthusiasm for locally produced products while supporting those who produce them.

The local area is brimming with fabulously fresh products and ideas. As a consumer, choosing the local option more often is a vote for community vibrancy.

Make some commitments and the Wolfville Farmers' Market will offer resources, hosts opportunities to build skills and will share success stories with a group of challenge participants.

Sign on any Saturday in 2009, at the Wolfville Farmer's Market Info Booth

Step 1: Sign On!

  • Ask about the Buy Local Challenge at the Wolfville Farmers' Market Info Booth.
  • Register to participate, by filling out insert and paying $5.
  • Receive canvas shopping bag,the challenge card (page 1, page 2) , a button and a resource kit that will be updated seasonally.
  • Fill out the the challenge card; which includes picking from a list of possible commitments.
  • Hand in your challenge card at the Market Information Booth.

Step 2 : Work Toward Success!

  • Put forward your best effort to meet your commitments.
  • Each Season the Info Booth Coordinator will: invite you to evaluate the changes you have made (you might be surprised!). Take this opportunity to track your success and adjust your commitments.
  • Each season you will be invited to attend Buy Local Challenge Workshop Events ($5 for those registered with Challenge). Build skills and knowledge at the workshops and meet other challenge participants.

Step 3: How did it go?

  • After 12 months of challenging yourself, make a final evaluation of the changes you have achieved.
  • Help us to evaluate the Buy Local Challenge by filling out an anonymous survey.

Resource Package includes:

  • Canvas Shopping Bag
  • Buy Local Challenge Button
  • In-Season Fruit and Veggie Calendar
  • Meat at the Market Guide
  • Market Map
  • Guides to where locally produced products can be found
  • ... and more, plus seasonal updates

4 Seasonal Workshops:

Sunday, March 29th: Gardening Workshop
Sunday, June 28th: Seasonal Eating
Sunday, September 20th: Preserving Food
Sunday, November 15th: Gifting Locally

1 comment:

  1. I am really excited about the Buy Local Challenge. I started my own challenge last spring after reading The 100 Mile Diet. I am finding it a bit tricky in the cold weather for some items but there are lots of interesting veggies available that you never have seen at the Farmers Market on Saturdays in Wolfville. Come early for all the great items. We are getting our eggs, yogourt, cheese and some veggies there every week.
    EOS has local items like greens, tofu and eggs as well as some grains. Save Easy carries Feta cheese, local meats and breads as well as some veggies in the winter. The Farm markets in Greenwich have great apples and veggies as well. Just look around. I am still looking for local garlic though. Anyone have any leads?