Apr 2, 2009

100 Mile Diet Challenge on the Food Network

This morning on CBC Radio's Q (click on podcast here), Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon were interviewed about the 100 Mile Diet Challenge documentary series about to be broadcast on the Food Network. More than 100 families in Mission BC committed to the 100 mile diet for a summer. The cameras followed six families who chose to eat an exclusively local diet for 100 days. The documentary makers found diverse families, with diverse skills and habits, to film how each family adjusted to the challenge.

The first episode airs on Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th on the Food Network
(Somebody let me know if it's cool enough to find a way to distribute to the Challenge community! Those of us who are TVless are actually at a disadvantage here.)

The story of the Mission Challenge is on the 100 Mile Diet website.